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Interview with Empire.Mista


Vladimir «rOx» Matienko

Hi! Tell a few words about yourself.
Mista: Hello my name is Themistoklis Bonidis , 20 years old and i am from greece . I play sc2 at professional level for team empire , study tourism sience at the Alexander university of Macedonia , training to maintain my boxing skills and working on my farm in summers.

How did your cyber-sports career begin?
Mista: I started playing red alert at the age of 7 c&c red alert were i was extremely good , so my dad 1-2 years later bought me(or him) a pc and started playing Age of empires but he soon realised i was too good to play lan with him and his friends so he pushed me in the internet where i soon found my self playing in the top 100 europe.Later i playing most of the Aoe series games along with some HoN and some other strategie games and i always found my self in the Top 10.

What do you think about SC2, is it the main job for you at this moment?
Mista: Sc2 is like a 5 minute chess game fast moves smart moves thing is that on chess everything is balanced , while on sc2 well we have zerg ! Anyway i play sc2 for glory and for the empire ! Atm is winter season and i dont have to work in the farm so yeah sc2 is the only work like thing i do atm.

Recently you’ve started to play under Empire tag. What do you think about atmosphere in team? Do you think your game level become higher during this time?
Mista: Only the posibility of joining Empire pushed my self to improve . Despite the fact that i am in Empire for 5 months it feels like i belong here i really feel that mother Russia is like the closest thing Greece has to brothers so i feel Empire like a family and as you dont want to let down your family i dont want to let down Empire so i train to improve !

What are your plans for the future? When we can see you at the biggest tournaments?
Mista: As long as i have time and motivation i will play sc2 at the highest level . I am going to attend Dreamhack Buchurest at 20-21 October and other lans if i feel confident and train enough.

Did you think about changing race after SC:HotS release?
Mista: Truth is i thought about it but i really feel Protoss are meant to be played by me so i dont think i will change them.

Please tell a few words about your training. How do you carry out them?
Mista: My training is play ladder till i am bored watch my replays take a break and then practice custom games with practice partners.But when it comes to training for tournaments i use different methods ,
Practice 5 games ladder small break watch reps repeat 5 times = 25 games
Same goes with practice partners 5 games small break watch reps repeat as long as my practice partenrs want
I also keep a Notebook/Deathnote
50% of the pages are tips for me how to improve my builds wich builds to use and such
50% is meant for my opponents their weakness their playstyle and such

What player and his game stile do you like best of all?
Mista: I dont watch my of other players , usually i just watch to broaden my mind , but i really like MC's style so i would go with MC on this one.

Many people say that training in Korea let player to reach the new game level. Do you think so? Would you like to have training there?
Mista: Training in Korea boosts your motivation by 9000 ! Playing in korean ladder and staying in a house with only 1 perpuse wich is to improve is just effecient so yeah training in korea definately helps ! And ofcourse i would like to go there for some months and train.

What can you suggest to the beginner players? How player have to start play for obtaining the results?
Mista: Its all about program , maintain a program practice a lot with breaks , watch your replays and watch other people play (not to copy but to broaden your mind) and at the end you will find your self improving rapidly!

Do you play other games in your spare-time?
Mista: Atm i play only sc2 , maybe some AoEo when there tournaments (won 3 tournaments last month there , 600 euro really easy with no practice) but i prefer to do some boxing bag training to release the tension rather than playing other games.

Rapid-fire questions:
1) What is your favorite dish?
White rice with Chicken
2) What is your favorite football team?
I dont watch football
3) What is your favorite movie?
So many good movies XD hmmmm Rocky I
4) What is your favorite map you like to play?
Every map is good as long as i dont play vs Zerg.

Lastly, you can send regards
Mista: To all my Empire m8s staff and players and to the greek comnunity who was supporting me since i started playing! And of course thanks to our sponsors: Intel, Adidas, Razer, Seagate! 

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05.10.12 - 10:07


заряженный чувак :)


05.10.12 - 19:02


δροσερό μάγκα! <3





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